From El Marsa to Matmata, infinite deserts are sewed with clouds and garbage for miles of Saharian landscapes in the African door of the mediterranean.


Silver Nova Brochure

A completely new style of brochure for a completely new way of travel.


Silversea Digital Brochure

The digital brochure was created to bring the authentic beauty of the world to the next level, with a specialised state of the art interactive experience.

Media Ads

Arctic Campaign

Giving the growing offer in the cruise market for the Arctic region, we decided to provide a reminder to our current and future guests on why Silversea is the best partner to reach the northern end of the world.



From Shackleton to Felicity Aston, Antarctica has been always the ultimate challenge for explorers.

Media Ads

Financial Times Partnership

Through a partnership with Financial Times we’ve created deep-dive landing pages to promote specific of Silversea’s experience.


OTIVM Reed Diffuser

To bring back home the allure of Silversea’s signature wellness experience in a bottle.

Media Ads

New York Times Vellum

Opportunities, an ironic term utilized in advertising when you have a very difficult challenge, are always mind bending but interesting. This was our take for Silversea Brand Campaign.


La senteur de voyage

A new air for Perris Perris Montecarlo is a boutique parfumaire from Monaco, distinguished by their exotic, high-end scents.

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