Silversea Digital Brochure

The digital brochure was created to bring the authentic beauty of the world to the next level, with a specialised state of the art interactive experience.

Media Ads

Financial Times Partnership

Through a partnership with Financial Times we’ve created deep-dive landing pages to promote specific of Silversea’s experience.


Io Vado a Metano

Io Vado a Metano (in English “I’m running on methane”) was SNAM initiative to promote the broad use of LNG methane on automobiles.


Logic Compact Pro

JTI asked us to develop a digital campaign to introduce Logic Compact Pro in the Italian market, trying to create the most hype as possible under a strictly regulated market.


Snam Control Tower

In the context of digital transformation, we developed a digital platform that allows managers to easily visualise a series of KPIs and metrics in order to help them take faster decisions.

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