Who am I?

Felipe Iglesias Designer and Creative Director

On reflection, I've done a few things in life.

I'll try to be brief.

My relationship with aesthetics started at the age of six when I began taking oil painting lessons with Chilean artist Pedro Bernal. I fell in love with art, specifically the Renaissance. I then tried to learn everything I could from music and science.

I even produced my own cartoons, but since I'm not Tex Avery I had to resort to amateur stop motion. Results were of questionable quality but the challenge provided valuable knowledge about video and animation production.

This will come back years later.

In my final year of school I was gifted my first computer. Right away I started creating digital compositions and websites. My interests started to change. Still not 100% sure about what to do, I gave art another chance and took a course on Advanced Human Body Drawing at the Catholic University of Chile. I liked the course, not the church.

I applied to Art and Design at the University of Chile and was accepted onto both programmes, but ultimately decided on Design for its focus on problem solving.

Immediately, I started working on small commissions to help fund those studies. My skills and reputation grew rapidly, to the point where I was asked to develop the School of Design’s official website (which increased applications considerably).

The faculty hired me part-time.

My personal Flash-animated website showcased my digital illustrations and became something of a cult success. Advertising agencies started to call me often to art direct TV ads. I worked with BBDO, Grey, Lowe, McCann, DDB and many others.

Overwhelmed by work, in 2006 I founded The Soda Studio, a boutique studio specialising in branding and web integration. Meanwhile, I continued to work independently on TV ads and production.

In 2008 I was awarded my Bachelor of Arts Degree and continued to focus on my business, adding Digital Marketing to my offering. I was invited to hold master classes in Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

Following my thesis, I became obsessed with processes, so I took a chance and in 2011 went to study a Masters in Product-Service-System Design at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

That was a radical change in my career and life: I met my wife, made friends from many different countries, stepped way outside my comfort zone and learned to work with diverse teams speaking English and Italian. Also, I specialised in Licensing for Luxury Goods.

A professional internship was mandatory to obtain this degree; I was lucky enough to be picked by Leo Burnett in Milan. Noticing I wasn't a simple intern, they involved me in very interesting projects such Samsung's multi-award-winning Maestros Academy.

In December 2013 I was awarded my Masters degree and went back to Chile. I worked on some interesting projects but the reality of a small, conservative market became too boring to bear. After three years I decided to sell the studio, go back to Italy, get married and start a new chapter of my life in Europe.

In 2018 I went to work for Alkemy, Milan, as Senior Visual Designer for digital transformation projects in transport, energy, telecommunication and finance companies. I focused on best practices for design, development, delivery and archival using and testing the newest software available, and also injecting ideas about persuasive communication in projects that otherwise would have been dull.

The work was good but I felt I wasn't realising my full potential. So, I decided to pivot again.

From 2021 to 2024 I worked as Associate Creative Director for Silversea, an ultra-luxury travel company based in Monaco where I manage creative teams based in Milan and Miami, developing creative projects ATL and BTL, providing support for our markets in U.S., EMEA and APAC. And, hopefully, making our competitors envious.

Nowadays I work as an independent Creative Consultant based in Palermo, Italy.

Accolades & Awards

The milestones
I know, it’s quite a lot. Here are the most relevant.

Associate Creative Director
Silversea, Monaco

Senior Visual Design & UI
Alkemy, Milan, Italy

Digital Art Direction & Design
Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy

Art & Creative Director
The Soda Studio, Chile

Spanish, English, Italian & terrible French

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