Silversea Digital Brochure

An interactive experience

Silversea is famous for its high-end brochures, showcasing the work of  Steve McCurry, Andrea Frazzetta and other photographers who together help us to discover authentic beauty of the world.

The goal with the digital brochure was to bring this experience to the next level, introducing interactive elements and responsive design, reaching broader audiences, increasing lead generation with elevated average time spent, higher than regular websites.

I did a benchmark research to understand which platform could provide the best interaction to users being at the same time the most flexible in terms of design integration and metrics – Flipsnack was the best option. 

Understanding the complexity of the piece, we had a couple of workshops with the creative team in Milan to create a wireframe that could allow us to translate and synthesis the printed version for digital purposes, arriving at a design that could work perfectly both on desktop, tablet and mobile. 

We selected images carefully and the same care was put into audiovisual pieces, adapted or originally created with a vertical format in mind, taking advantage of some display limitations of the platform.

After its success both in terms of average time spent and lead generation, it became the new standard for Silversea’s marketing efforts.

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