Io Vado a Metano

I'm running on methane

Io Vado a Metano (in English “I’m running on methane”) was an initiative promoted by the energy company SNAM as a legal compliance with the policies established by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The aim was to educate the public on how to refill their cars with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in a safe way and, at the same time, promote its use as an effective alternative to gasoline and diesel.

Our main challenge was to create a visual language that could talk to younger and no so younger generations about the benefits of this fuel, how to use it safely and, at the same time, be catchy.

We created a landing page that informed users about the technology in a simple and friendly way, using illustrations and hued colours to convey messages sustainability and future.

I directed and coordinated this project and made the illustrations to be animated.

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Alkemy, Italy

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