Piaget “Frames”

Piaget asked for Leo Burnett Milan to participate in a creative tender to introduce their brand to a new generation of customers while maintaining their iconic style and history.


Braun’s Arctic Mission

“Arctic Mission” was a interactive game part of the Braunhaus platform, a Braun fidelitzation initiative, where users should collect lost elements of a secret product to win exclusive discounts.


Monticello Club

Monticello Casino asked us for a big, colourful illustration to decorate the entrance of their signature night club.


Alfa Romeo 33

Italians love three things overall: Mom, pasta and cars. And the Swiss love precision and watchmaking. This collection brings the best of both worlds.

TV Ads & Video

Algo Habrán Hecho

6 months of work, 6 people developing more than 180 minutes of animation for a great historical show.

TV Ads & Video

Grandes Chilenos

“Grandes Chilenos” was the Chilean adaptation of the BBC series which narrates the story of 60 notable Chileans through history.

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