Algo Habrán Hecho

For the history of Chile

“Algo Habrán Hecho por la Historia de Chile” (in English “Something they’ve done”) was the Chilean adaptation of the successful Argentinian counterpart: a TV series in which the history of the country is narrated in a very ironic and surrealistic way. 

Following the success of my work for another TVN project based on a British Series of similar connotations called “Grandes Chilenos” (in English “Great Chileans”), Feels TV called me again to coordinate the animation team and oversee the general art direction of this project.

My job was basically to have a short meeting every day with a producer to understand what was the brief, how animations will be placed in each episodes and what were the basic storylines to be animated.

The client would provide some difficult, hi-res historical material but I would then have to figure it out how to come in with the rest.

I would create a brief script and, depending on the complexity of the animation, a storyboard to provide enough information for two art directors and two animators.

After six hard months of work, we delivered more than 180 minutes of animation at an almost perfect pace that allowed the production house to complete the episodes simultaneously together with live action footage.

TVN – National Television of Chile

Production Houses
FeelsTV / Zumbastico

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