New York Times Vellum

Another episode on Silversea's brand campaign.

As part of the Silversea’s 2021 Brand Campaign, our team was requested to create a special eight-page insert showcasing our broad destination offer and highlights of the Silversea experience to be distributed in the New York Times.

The caveat: four of those pages were actually Vellum: a semi-lucid paper with a lot of technical limitations.

Our solution was to create a reading experience where elements worked together as a composition, to get around those limitations.

Storytelling was key for this: we introduced the “letter to the curious” on top of Steve McCurry’s iconic picture, placing elements carefully to be readable and also avoiding overlapping text. We used the central pages to display a world map highlighting destinations and finally, we added a collage representing the principles of Silversea’s service.

Fortunately, the ad had a great reception and conversion increased bookings significantly in the NY area.



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