I lead creative teams to success.

About me

Born in Chile, inspired everywhere.
Here’s the short version.

Always obsessed with art, history and science, I grew up determined to master them all as a wannabe Renaissance man. I thought ‘Design’ could be the way of doing all that and getting paid for it. And it worked!

Nowadays I work as an independent Creative Consultant based in Palermo, Italy.

My approach
Whatever the industry or nature of the project, having a clear vision and goals is the only path to success.

Boldness, clarity, consistency

Talented people are everywhere. Knowing how to focus their creativity and help realise their full potential is another story. I’ve found that forging a trust-based relationship with each of your team members and establishing effective communication with them is even more important than process and culture. The only guarantee of success is providing bold, clear and consistent guidance to one’s team, however challenging that can be*.

*Corporate politics and bureaucracy may apply.

What do I do

Overseeing and directing initiatives to effectively build a creative strategy, maintaining cohesiveness and consistency on all aspects pertaining to brand, and converting broad concepts into specific, powerful instruments of persuasion.

Execute the creative strategy, managing tactical tasks by organising and monitoring all facets of a project, assuring the creative team’s quality of work.

From workshops that follow the principles of Design Thinking to co-design projects that spark creativity, I help businesses understand how and what technology may benefit all aspects of their organisation.

Image curation is essential to communication, but photo banks frequently fall short, which is why I decided to provide my services to bridge the gap. With a strong cinematic style, I’m mostly interested in the human perspective. Definitely more of a street than a studio photographer. You can follow my work here.

Realistic, synthetic, abstract. Handmade or digitally made. I have produced drawings for publications, websites, manuals, and advertisements in addition to doing it because I enjoy it.

Examples of my work

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